tirsdag den 10. februar 2009

Hvad skete der i Anbar?

Ikke som annonceret...
The official results in Anbar are sharply different from the reports of the last few days. The IHEC tally gave the victory to Saleh al-Mutlak's bloc, followed by Abu Risha's Awakenings Bloc, followed by the Islamic Party in third place. This is a surprise. The behavior of the Islamic Party and the Awakenings bloc over the last few days strongly suggests that they had the same information about the preliminary results-- that the Islamic Party had won. This "adjustment" -- if that's what happened -- for now appears to have defused the crisis over the alleged electoral fraud by the Islamic Party and the threats of violence by the Awakenings leaders by denying victory to either of the two main rivals (Abu Risha says that he's happy with the result). This resolution is very, shall we say, convenient... and, perhaps, a clever solution to the escalating confrontation. I'm sure we'll be hearing more about this soon.
Så vidt jeg kan se på de indledende rapporter og de faktiske resultater, så er Anbar den eneste provins med så stor uoverensstemmelse mellem de to.

Det betyder også, at de tre største partier i Anbar bliver nødt til at samarbejde. Udmærket løsning.

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