mandag den 13. juli 2009

Spring op og fald ned

Furoren i Iran og Egypten over tyskeren, der blev slået ihjel i en retssal af en gal racist, fordi hun gik med hijab, står i grel kontrast til stilheden over Kinas behandling af uighur-minoriteten. Det er ikke nyt - her fra sidste år:
Local governments in a Muslim desert region in western China have imposed strict limits on religious practices during the traditional Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, which began last week, according to the Web sites of four of those governments. (...)

The Web site of the town of Yingmaili lists nine rules put in place to “maintain stability during Ramadan.”

They include barring teachers and students from observing Ramadan, prohibiting retired government officials from entering mosques and requiring men to shave off beards and women to doff veils. Mosques cannot let people from outside of town stay overnight and restaurants must maintain normal hours of business. Because of the sunrise-to-sunset fasting, many restaurants would normally close during daytime for Ramadan.
Disse tiltag var eksplicit rettet mod islam, og blev mødt af en mur af stilhed fra muslimske lande. Sidste uges hundredevis af døde ligeså.

Så hvad foregår der? Såmænd kun, at der er stram politisk kontrol fra oven med hvad, der bliver protesteret imod eller blot rapporteret om. Danmark var et nemt offer, Kina er derimod en "strategisk partner", som det hedder. Elling skriver om Iran:
The Islamic Republic did not help the Muslim Brotherhood in 1982 when they were massacred in Hama by the secular Ba‘thist regime of Syria; the Islamic Republic sided with the Christian Armenians against the Shiite Muslim Azerbaijanis in the fight over Nagorno-Karabagh; the Islamic Republic did not help the Chechens when they were under full-scale Russian attack; and the Islamic Republic even prevented an agitated crowd of Basiji Students from leaving for Palestine when the Israeli war machine was pounding the West Bank into smithereens half a year ago.

And now it seems that the Islamic Republic will not stand up for their Muslim brethren in Xinjiang. This is far from surprising: Iran is extremely dependent on Beijing for investments and support in the UN Security Council, and careful not to damage this crucial relationship.
Tillige et postkolonialt horn i siden på europæerne, som er nemt at køre på for regeringerne, gætter jeg. Det er værd at huske på, næste gang en Seidenfaden projicerer en dansk, indenrigspolitisk konflikt ud på omverdenen. Jovist drejer det sig om indenrigspolitik, men ikke nødvendigvis om dansk indenrigspolitik.

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