mandag den 3. november 2008


Iraks Sønner og Vækkelsesrådene får sig en lønforlavelse.
The Iraqi government plans to cut salaries for the estimated 100,000 members of the Awakening movement whose revolt against Al Qaeda in Iraq played a key role in bringing about the sharp fall in violence in Iraq. (...)

The U.S. military, which calls the movement the Sons of Iraq, had been paying members $300 a month to carry guns and protect their neighborhoods against Al Qaeda.

Starting this month, Awakening members will be paid 300,000 Iraqi dinars, or about $250 a month, according to government spokesman Tahseen al-Sheikhly. Awakening leaders, who had been earning $400 to $600, will also receive the lower salary.
Det følger sikkert økonomien, som lider under de lave oliepriser. Men sig det til militserne. Vi får se, hvordan de tager det; det er bedre end ingenting.

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