mandag den 8. oktober 2007


4 millioner døde mennesker i DR Congo de sidste par årtier, men hvad med bjerggorillaerne?

Look into the eyes. You know what you see looking back? Us.

They play, they fight, they breastfeed. They are our closest relatives, with the exception of chimpanzees. To me, the mass murder of these beautiful creatures is tantamount to homicide.

On the whole, indeed, I think I'd rather talk to a gorilla. Show me the last time a gorilla brutally raped thousands of people, wiped out another species for sport, and initiated genocide. And though chimps wage nasty internecine warfare, complete with cannibalism, that's still a damned sight less than the aggression, hostility, and brutality that defines Homo sapien sapien.

Ikke så meget som et forsøg på at skjule foragten for mennesket. Som man siger; hadet mod mennesker forklæder sig som kærligheden til dyr.

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