onsdag den 6. august 2008

Muntz time

Kinas Olympiske Lege bliver nok ikke den propagandasejr, vokskabinettet kunne have tænkt sig. Fra BBC:
Smog obscures Beijing's stadium


The spokesman for the organisers, Sun Weide, said pollution control measures over the past decade would work.

According to data from Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau, air quality on Monday was still considered a "blue sky day".

But the BBC’s own test found one major pollutant, particulate matter, was almost six times higher than the recommended level.
Fra LA Times:
Despite a string of pyrite promises by both Chinese representatives and the IOC, Internet access at the Olympics was cratered with blacked-out sites, including Amnesty International, the L.A. Times Olympics Blog and Wikipedia. (Which left, what, MySpace and online backgammon?)

Rob Faris of Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society called China's approach puzzling. "Providing a large number of journalists with a censored Internet connection when they were promised an open Internet is naturally going to draw a lot of critical stories in the media," he said.

And so it did. It seemed that every major U.S. newspaper and broadcast network had its own story on China’s "Great Firewall," many stating how outrageous it was that Western media should have its information controlled by an oppressive regime.
Fra Berlingske:
To udenlandske journalister er blevet overfaldet og tævet af det kinesiske politi. De to journalister var i den kinesiske grænseby Kashgar i Xinjiang for at dække terrorangreb mandag, hvor to mænd dræbte 16 paramilitære politibetjente.
Når man slår løs på udenlandske journalister, kommer de dårlige historier. Man skulle tro at politistaten kunne besinde sig en enkelt måned, men undertrykkelsen og manipulationen er vist blevet en vanesag. Så derfor, til de totalitære bæster:

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